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Annual Listing of Publications

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Friday 04/12/2015

Outer Hebrides Inshore Fisheries Group - Consultation on inshore fishing prohibitions in the Outer Hebrides [Marine and Fisheries]

This consultation seeks views on changes to areas in the Outer Hebrides’ inshore waters where mobile and/or creel fishing is prohibited. These measures have been developed by the Outer Hebrides IFG in order to modernise the spatial management of the fishery and complement current fishing practices.

Thursday 03/12/2015

Equality Impact Assessment - Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Funds [Education and Training]

The public sector equality duty requires the Scottish Government to pay “due regard” to the need to meet its obligations under the Equality Act 2010. The Scottish Government therefore undertook an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) as part of the process to revise the policy for funding Third Sector Organisations to support the improvement of the relevant National Outcomes for children and families. This document sets out the results from the EQIA that was carried out

Proposals for the creation of an Offence of Wilful Neglect or Ill-treatment with regard to services for Children under the age of 18- Further Engagement: Scottish Government Response and Analysis [Health and Community Care]

This publication contains the Scottish Government's response to the consultation, 'Proposals for the creation of an Offence of Wilful Neglect or Ill-treatment with regard to services for Children under the age of 18- Further Engagement', as well as an analysis of the response to each question.

Consultation Responses: Building Standards Review 2015 - in-building physical infrastructure for high speed electronic communications networks [Building]

Consultation responses to the proposed introduction of a building standards and associated guidance within the building standards Technical Handbooks to implement Article 8 of European Directive 2014/61/EU

Wednesday 02/12/2015

Thematic Report on Complaints Handling and Feedback [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland's thematic report on COPFS complaints handling and feedback.

Council Tax Reduction in Scotland, July to September 2015 [Statistics]

Number of recipients and weekly income foregone by local authorities for the Council Tax Reduction scheme in Scotland for July to September 2015.

Scottish Surveys Core Questions 2013 [Statistics]

The SSCQ gathers survey responses from identical questions in the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, the Scottish Health Survey and the Scottish Household Survey into one output. SSCQ provides reliable and detailed information on the composition, characteristics and attitudes of Scottish households and adults across a number of topic areas including equality characteristics, housing, employment and perceptions of health and crime, and enables detailed sub-national analysis.

Tuesday 01/12/2015

Consultation on Complaints Concerning Functions Relating to the Named Person and Child’s Plan [People and Society]

Responses to the Consultation on Complaints Concerning Functions Relating to the Named Person and Child's Plan

Housing Statistics for Scotland Quarterly Update (published 1 Dec 2015) [Statistics]

This quarterly statistical publication provides information on recent trends in new build housing starts and completions, the Affordable Housing Supply Programme, Local Authority house sales including Right to Buy, and Long term empty properties and Second Homes.


The Equality Impact Assessment sets out the findings from the assessment of the impact of new legislation on equality groups.

Monday 30/11/2015

Main Report of the National Review of Primary Care Out of Hours Services [Health and Community Care]

The Main Report of the National Review of Primary Care Out of Hours Services setting out the approach, detailed findings and rationale for the recommendations proposed together with a range of supporting documentation provided in annexes.

The Scottish Government's Public Sector Climate Change Duties Report, 2014-2015 [Environment]

This report sets-out the environmental performance of the Scottish Government's estate for the year 2014-2015.

Summary Report of the National Review Primary Care Out of Hours Services [Health and Community Care]

A Summary Report of the independent Review of Primary Care Out of Hours Services Chaired by Prof Sir Lewis Ritchie. The Main Report, which accompanies this summary version, provides a more comprehensive overview of the Review, its methodology, findings and rationale for the recommendations proposed.

Thursday 26/11/2015

The Scottish Consolidated Fund Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015 [General]

The audited annual financial statements of the Scottish Consolidated Fund for the financial year 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

Getting It Right For Looked After Children And Young People Strategy [People and Society]

The new Scottish Government's strategy for Looked After Children and Young People which sets out what we are doing and what we expect other corporate parents to do.

Evaluation of Sources of Support Service [Health and Community Care]

An evaluation of the Dundee Sources of Support programme which involves Links Workers who support patients who access primary care for non-medical issues.

Wednesday 25/11/2015

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 6 No 15: Spatial dynamics of scallops in relation to the Orkney dive fishery. Report of Fishing Industry Science Alliance (FISA) Project 03/12 [Marine and Fisheries]

This report details the results of studies which have been done under Fishing Industry Science Alliance (FISA) project 03/12 which quantify the rate of spatial turnover in a scallop population at a small spatial scale in Orkney, and understanding the extent to which scallops move and re-colonise areas.

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2014: Attitudes to violence against women in Scotland [Research]

This report presents findings from the 2014 Scottish Social Attitudes survey on the attitudes of the Scottish public to the following forms of violence against women: sexual violence, domestic abuse (physical, verbal, mental and emotional), sexual harassment and commercial sexual exploitation.

Tuesday 24/11/2015


Guidance on the planning procedures around hazardous substances consent, relevant applications for planning permission and planning policies.

Quality and Excellence in Specialist Dementia Care (QESDC): baseline one-off self-assessment tool and reporting arrangements [Health and Community Care]

NHS Boards undertook a one-off baseline self-assessment of current practices in all specialist dementia care settings to meet the needs of Commitment 11 and address the issues raised in the Mental Welfare Commission report 'Dignity and Respect: dementia continuing care visits'. This report summarises those self-assessment returns to identify common areas of practice.

Showing: 61 to 80 of 734