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Proposals for a Lobbying Transparency Bill – Consultation Responses

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateAugust 13, 2015


    ISBN 978 1 78544 375 6_Responses



    LC042 Anonymous


    LC011 Ash Gupta

    LC004 Professor Paul Spicker


    LC009 Aberlour

    LC039 Alcohol Focus Scotland

    LC048 Alliance for Lobbying Transparency

    LC030 ASH Scotland

    LC023 Association for Scottish Public Affairs

    LC059 Association of British Credit Unions Limited

    LC024 Association of Professional Political Consultants

    LC007 British Medical Association Scotland

    LC010 Cancer Research UK

    LC018 Carers Trust Scotland

    LC043 Chartered Institute of Public Relations

    LC013 Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland

    LC049 Children in Scotland

    LC063 Cogitamus Ltd

    LC019 Common Weal

    LC061 Confederation of British Industry Scotland

    LC064 Electoral Reform Society Scotland

    LC026 Federation of Small Businesses

    LC003 Forum of Scottish Claims Managers

    LC044 Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

    LC006 Homes for Scotland

    LC038 Inclusion Scotland

    LC041 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

    LC067 Interfaith Scotland

    LC068 Invicta

    LC040 Law Society of Scotland

    LC033 Market Research Society

    LC058 Melanoma Action and Support Scotland

    LC001 Mountaineering Council of Scotland

    LC005 National Farmers' Union Scotland

    LC056 North Lanarkshire Council

    LC045 Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

    LC051 Pact

    LC036 Pagoda Porter Novelli

    LC034 Public Affairs Co-Operative

    LC062 Public Relations Consultants Association

    LC008 Regulatory Review Group

    LC054 Renewable Energy Systems

    LC065 Road Haulage Association

    LC022 Royal College of Midwives Scotland

    LC057 Royal College of Psychiatrists Scotland

    LC029 Scottish Churches Committee

    LC017 Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office / Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland

    LC025 Scottish Contractors Group

    LC028 Scottish Council for Development and Industry

    LC031 Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

    LC014 Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

    LC012 Scottish Engineering

    LC060 Scottish Environment LINK

    LC002 Scottish Environment Protection Agency

    LC035 Scottish Environmental Services Association

    LC037 Scottish Grocers Federation

    LC053 Scottish Property Federation

    LC027 Scottish Sports Alliance

    LC066 Scottish Trades Union Congress

    LC032 Scottish Women's Aid

    LC050 Shelter Scotland

    LC055 Spinwatch

    LC047 Stonewall Scotland

    LC016 The Royal Society of Edinburgh

    LC015 The Salvation Army

    LC052 Transparency International UK

    LC020 Unlock Democracy

    LC021 Youthlink Scotland

    LC046 Zurich Insurance PLC