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Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group Report July 2015

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJuly 30, 2015


Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi
Andy Malyon

ISBN 978 1 78544 532 3 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 53257

This document is also available in pdf format (789k)




1. Executive Summary

2. Background
Cosmetic procedures: An overview of the market
Advertising and changing in social norms

3. Purpose and operation of SCIEG
Purpose of SCIEG
Structure and function of the SCIEG

4. Existing regulations in Scotland
Protection and gaps
National Care Standards
Legal implications

5. Summary of evidence gathered
Literature review
Analytical Programme for evidence gathering
The consumer perspective
The provider perspective

6. Options for regulation
Relevant existing regulation
Weighing up risk and financial/regulatory burden
A phased approach to regulation

7. Recommendations

Annex 1: Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group (SCIEG) & subgroups membership & declarations of interest
Annex 2: Record of meetings
Annex 3: Methodology for the literature review
Annex 4: Methodology for the gathering the views of the public & providers
Annex 5: Omnibus survey executive summary
Annex 6: Equality Impact Assessment initial scope
Annex 7: References