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Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland

Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ISBN: 9781785443749

The Joint Delivery Plan, developed by the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group, identifies priority actions that representatives from across the housing sector agree need a specific focus to ensure we are able to deliver the strategic objectives set out in Homes Fit for the 21st Century, and other subsequent Scottish Government strategies with a bearing on housing.

Executive Summary

A strong and well-functioning housing system has a vital role to play in supporting the development of a more productive, more cohesive and fairer Scotland. This Joint Plan has been drawn up by the Joint Housing Policy & Delivery Group. Membership is drawn from a wide range of housing stakeholders, COSLA and the Scottish Government and together they will oversee implementation of the Joint Plan.

Developed through the Scottish Housing Event held in November 2014 and subsequent work, the Delivery Plan captures a crucial set of actions which the Joint Group collectively agrees are needed to deliver Ministers’ strategic vision: that all people in Scotland live in high quality sustainable homes that they can afford and that meet their needs.

All of the work feeding into the Delivery Plan was based on the principle of co-production. This approach encourages participation by as many people and organisations as possible. The aim was to produce a jointly owned Housing Delivery Plan which could then be used to drive forward agreed priority actions for the next five years.

The 34 actions identified as priorities in the Plan do not represent every aspect of housing policy delivery that the Scottish Government and stakeholders are taking forward. They capture those actions that have been highlighted through the co-production process.