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Scotland's Action Plan for EU Engagement

Scotland's Action Plan for EU Engagement

Friday, March 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781785442162

This Action Plan sets out Scotland’s purpose and activities in Europe encompassing Scotland’s strategic priorities, how the Scottish Government influences and engages with EU policies and programmes, and our work to build partnerships in the EU.

Executive Summary

In the context of the 2014-2015 Programme for Government, and to support the ambitions set out in Scotland’s Economic Strategy and the revised International Framework, the Scottish Government has refreshed this Action Plan for EU Engagement.

The Action Plan sets out the four key areas in which we will focus our activity in the EU:

being a committed partner and making the case for our place in Europe; promoting effective and meaningful EU reform; actively participating in order to secure investment, innovation and inclusive growth; and strengthening our European partnerships.

This document will be paired with a digital platform which will describe and illustrate how we pursue our objectives in the EU, and which will capture examples of our activity. This can be accessed at www.gov.scot/europe.