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Results from the December Agricultural Survey, 2014

Results from the December Agricultural Survey, 2014

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ISBN: 9781785442155

Final results from the December agricultural census including data on land, livestock and machinery.

Executive Summary

This publication contains results from the 2014 December Agricultural Survey, covering winter-sown crops, hay and silage production, livestock and machinery. It provides commentary and graphics on the latest annual changes, and trends over the past ten years, together with comparisons with June Census results.

Unlike the June Census, which collects results covering all agricultural holdings in Scotland, the results of the December Survey are derived from a representative sample of larger agricultural holdings only, involving about 13,800 holdings, and do not cover smaller agricultural holdings at all. The results have however been scaled up to include an estimate for all holdings (except where stated), in order that full comparison can be made with data from the June Agricultural Census.