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Wealth and Assets in Scotland 2006 - 2012

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 24, 2015


Scottish Government Communities Analytical Services

ISBN 978 1 78544 186 8 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 46087

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Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1 WAS Methodology
1.2 Structure of this report

2. Household Wealth in Scotland
2.1 Aggregate household wealth
2.1.1 Aggregate total wealth
2.1.2 Components of total wealth

3. The Distribution of Wealth in Scotland
3.1.1 Household wealth and household income inequality
3.1.2 Aggregate total household wealth by decile, across the three waves
3.1.3 Inequality in aggregate total household wealth
3.1.4 Comparing wealth inequality in Scotland with Great Britain as a whole
3.1.5 Aggregate total household wealth of the wealthiest households

4. The Distribution of Components of Wealth in Scotland
4.1 Financial wealth
4.2 Private pension wealth
4.3 Property wealth
4.4 Physical wealth
4.4.1 Wealth inequality as measured by Gini coefficients

5. The least wealthy households in Scotland
5.1 The share of wealth of the least wealthy 30 per cent
5.2 The demographic composition of the least wealthy households
5.2.1 Household type
5.2.2 Age
5.2.3 Employment status
5.2.4 Education
5.2.5 Socio-economic group
5.3 Financial assets of the least wealthy households
5.3.1 Ownership of financial assets
5.3.2 Value of financial assets
5.3.3 Change in ownership of financial assets over time
5.3.4 Change in value of financial assets over time
5.3.5 Informal financial assets
5.4 Non-mortgage borrowing
5.4.1 Prevalence of borrowing
5.4.2 Value of borrowing
5.4.3 Change in the prevalence of borrowing over time
5.4.4 Change in amount of borrowing over time

6. Movements Across Deciles and Wealth Bands
6.1 Movement across total wealth deciles
6.2 Movement across wealth bands
6.2.1 Financial wealth
6.2.2 Property Wealth
6.2.3 Physical wealth

7. Conclusions

Appendix 1

Appendix 2