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Expert Commission on Energy Regulation: High-Level Report

Expert Commission on Energy Regulation: High-Level Report

Thursday, July 10, 2014

ISBN: 9781784124274

Short summary of the final report of the Expert Commission on Energy Regulation, including an overview of the Commission's conclusions and key messages.

Executive Summary

This report is a short summary of the conclusions and key messages of the Expert Commission on Energy Regulation. Full details of the Commission's findings can be found in the Expert Commission on Energy Regulation: Main Report.

The High-Level report includes recommendations on the following five topics.

- The role of a Scottish Regulator in the optimal operation of the UK energy market to deliver affordability, security of supply and environmental sustainability

- Consideration of market mechanisms to ensure an independent Scotland can participate efficiently in an integrated GB-market, addressing the unique requirements of energy generation, transmission and distribution in Scotland

- Options for an optimal policy and regulatory environment to encourage renewable generation, including incentives for innovative generation and network technologies and the supply chain

- Advice on ways in which an independent Scotland can promote fairer, more affordable energy prices, given the need to address fuel poverty and measures to improve energy efficiency.

- To consider how a strategic energy partnership with the Government of the UK will operate – its span of competence and the processes for cooperation with the UK