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Our Place in Time - The Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland

DescriptionScotland’s first ever Historic Environment Strategy is a high level framework which sets out a 10 year vision for the historic environment. The key outcome is to ensure that the cultural, social, environmental and economic value of Scotland’s historic environment continues to make a strong contribution to the wellbeing of the nation and its people. It was developed collaboratively and identified the need for strategic priorities to help align and prioritise sector activity towards a common goal.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 04, 2014


ISBN 978 1 78412 299 7
DPPAS 22629

This document is also available in pdf format (2.3 MB)
The Post-adoption SEA statement is also available in pdf format (319 KB)

Post publication a minor change was made in C - Protect: Care and Protect. (19/03/14)


The Strategy Cycle

Ministerial foreword

Our Historic Environment

Values and Benefits of the Historic environment

The Vision

A - Cross-Cutting Strategic Priorities

B - Understand: Investigate and Record

C - Protect: Care and Protect

D - Value: Share and Celebrate

Delivering Scotland's Historic Environment Strategy