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Review of the Alcohol Licensing Fees - Research Findings

Review of the Alcohol Licensing Fees - Research Findings

Monday, February 10, 2014

ISBN: 9781784122324

The aim of the research was to evaluate the current alcohol licensing fees regime and consider the efficacy of other potential structures to inform the Scottish Government’s proposed reform of the fees regime.

Executive Summary

The study involved legislative and document review, a survey of numerical and financial data collection from Licensing Boards, stakeholder consultation and case study visits.

The activity that Licensing Boards most frequently cited as the most resource intensive was Applications for Occasional Licences, which have the lowest fee attached.

The majority of stakeholders thought that most fees were about right. Stakeholders’ views on whether the current system is fair and proportionate to all sections of the trade varied depending on stakeholder type.

Overall, a substantial majority of Licensing Board survey respondents and stakeholder interviewees favoured modification of the existing system based on rateable value, rather than on turnover or square footage.