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Annual Report to the Scottish Parliament, 2011 - Implementation of the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003 and the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateAugust 31, 2012


ISBN 978 1 78045 974 5 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 13219

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Ministerial Foreword

1. Water Policy in Scotland

2. EU Directives and transposition

3. Implementation timetable

Section A
River Basin Management Plan delivery
A1. Area Management Plans and Area Advisory Groups
A2. Rural diffuse pollution management
A3. Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) licensing
A4. Restoration
A5. Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS)
A6. Water shortage management planning

Section B
Flood Risk Management
B1. Climate Change and Flood Risk Management
B2. Ministerial Guidance - Delivering Sustainable Flood Risk Management
B3. Guidance - for local authorities on project appraisal of flood protection schemes
B4. Flood Forecasting and Warning schemes
B5. The National Flood Risk Assessment and Potentially Vulnerable Areas
B6. Development of Flood Hazard and Flood Risk Maps
B7. The Scottish Advisory Implementation Forum on Flooding (SAIFF)
B8. National Flood Management Advisory Group
B9. Working in Partnership by sharing expertise and costs to benefit Flood Risk Management
B10. The Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011
B11. Funding
B12. Scottish Flood Forum
B13. Research
B14. Natural Flood Management (NFM)

Section C
Next steps
C1. Key Outcomes for 2012