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The same as you? 2000-2012: Consultation - Easy Read

The same as you? 2000-2012: Consultation - Easy Read

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ISBN: 9781780458441

An easy read version of the consultation report showing what the research team found out about the progress on The same as you? from written reports and from speaking to people with learning disabilities and their family carers.

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government wants to know if the lives of people with learning disabilities have got better since The same as you? They set up a research team to find out facts and opinions.

The research team spoke to 49 adults with learning disabilities and 51 family carers from 4 different parts of Scotland. They spoke to adults who were younger and adults who were older. They spoke to people who needed a little support and people who needed more support. Each person was interviewed by 2 researchers and 1 of the researchers always had a learning disability.

The Scottish Government is holding a consultation which means they want to know what people think of what they say in this easy read report. There are questions in the consultation and people can answer as many as they like.

The Scottish Government will look at what everyone says and write a report which will help make a new strategy (plan) for people with learning disabilities for the next few years.