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Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Resilience

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 16, 2012


Philosophy•Principles•Structures•Regulatory Duties
Version 1: March 2012

ISBN 978 1 78045 481 8

This document is also available in pdf format (3.1MB)


Ministerial Foreword

Section 1: Resilience: philosophy and structures

Chapter 1: Introduction
Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Resiliencedefinition of resilience and purpose of guidance
Preparing Scotland guidance: the hub and spokes model
Chapter 2: Legislation
Category 1 and Category 2 responders
Strategic Co-ordinating Groups (SCGs)
summary of legislative duties
Chapter 3: Integrated Emergency Management (IEM)
Chapter 4: Management Structures
Chapter 5: Governance Structures
Preparation stage:
Scottish Government (SG)
Resilience Advisory Board for Scotland (RABs)
Strategic Co-ordinating Groups (SCGs): Chairs, Forum
Response/Recovery stage:
Scottish Government (SG), including Scottish Government
Resilience Room (SGoRR)
Scottish Police Information and Co-ordination Centre (S-PICC)
UK arrangements
Chapter 6: Emergency Powers

Section 2: Mandatory requirements and recommended good practice
Assessing risk
Emergency plans
Business Continuity plans
Promoting Business Continuity
Communicating with the public
Sharing information
Other legislation: COMAH, PSR and REPPIR