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Summary Justice Reform Performance Report: October 2009 – September 2011


1. The statistics published in this Statistics Release are derived from information provided by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS), Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) and Scottish Court Service (SCS). They reflect the information as held at end September 2011. Any revisions to the data will be reported in future Statistics Releases.

2. All data are prone to monthly fluctuations in business (e.g. Christmas and New Year, summer holidays etc.) and changes in caseload due to police campaigns and levels of recorded crime.

3. The use of Police Fixed Penalty notices for Anti-social Behaviour (ASB FPNs) was rolled out across Scotland by the end of December 2007. Data relating to Police Direct Measures (Police Fixed Penalty Notices and Police Formal Adult Warnings) is provided on a monthly basis by ACPOS and is in-gathered by ACPOS from the 8 Scottish territorial police forces. It does not include data from British Transport Police or any other force. As the figures for a given month are based on a snapshot taken at the start of the following month, the final number of Fixed Penalty Notices may be slightly underestimated.

4. Data relating to Standard Prosecution Reports is provided by COPFS and denotes the number of reports submitted by the police and police-related cases (e.g. British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police, and Civil Nuclear Constabulary), by the month that the case is opened by COPFS. Reports submitted to COPFS by other Specialist Reporting Agencies are excluded, as are reports relating to breaches of probation and other social work orders.

5. Figures for the number and type of cases marked are provided by COPFS, using Fiscal "first markings" data.

6. Data on First Calling, Intermediate Diet, Trial Diet Outcomes and Sentence Types are provided by SCS. Justice of the Peace (JP) court level data for these indicators is only shown after unification with SCS. This means that national and board trends may, in part, reflect the staggered implementation of unification. The timeline for unification is below:
Lothian and Borders - 10 March 2008
Grampian Highland and Islands - 2 June 2008
Glasgow and Strathkelvin - 8 December 2008
Tayside Central and Fife - 23 February 2009
North Strathclyde - 14 December 2009
South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway - 22 February 2010

7. "Custodial" disposals include imprisonment, Young Offender Institution and child detention sentences. Where there are disposals in more than one category this will be counted in each relevant category (e.g. someone receiving a Fine and Probation Order will count across both categories). Where there is more than one disposal in the same category this will only be counted once per accused (e.g. someone receiving 5 prison sentences will only count once as "custodial" and someone receiving both a Fine & Compensation Order or multiple Fines will be counted once as a fine). Most of the "Other" disposals relate to admonitions.

8. Pie Charts do not always total 100% due to rounding.

9. Procedural churn is the number of times that a case is called to court taking into consideration continuations and adjournments.