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Scotland's National Dementia Strategy: One Year On Report


Ministerial Foreword

We published Scotland's National Dementia Strategy almost exactly a year ago and this is the first annual report from the strategy's Implementation and Monitoring Group, illustrating progress made over the last twelve months.

In concentrating the strategy on 5 key challenges - including its two key improvement areas of post-diagnostic support and improved service response in general hospital and eight key supporting actions, we are working with our partners in a very focussed way. This approach is designed to drive and deliver tangible and measurable change and improvement in dementia services over an initial three-year period.

The end of year one of the strategy's implementation is marked by the publication of two major documents: Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland and Promoting Excellence.

Standards of Care is designed to empower those with dementia and their families and carers in asserting their rights; to inform the commissioning and provision of services; and to inform scrutiny and inspection of services. The standards articulate our national consensus on what level of quality those with dementia should expect in local services and we will engage in national and regional consultation on their contents and on how they translate into practice.

Promoting Excellence delivers a comprehensive skills and knowledge framework for all health and social care staff and its large programme of implementation includes updating professional qualifications and targeted educational initiatives in key care areas.

Transforming dementia services is one major part of our wider shared endeavour to reshape care for older people. Key to this endeavour will be the delivery of an integrated system of health and social care across Scotland - to ensure that our older people are at the centre of service delivery. This process is already underway, with the Change Fund helping local service redesign around more personalised, community-based, anticipatory and enabling and re-enabling principles.

The Dementia Strategy is playing an important role in moving the wider agenda around older people's services forward; its success over the next two years will be extremely important in demonstrating how integrated services can deliver better quality of care for those with dementia and their families and carers.

Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy