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Promoting Excellence: A framework for all health and social services staff working with people with dementia, their families and carers


How the framework should be used

The framework should be used at a personal, service provider and organisational level in a number of ways, and for a range of purposes. This will be achieved:

  • By individual staff members (in conjunction with their appropriate generic and/or professional frameworks and guidance) to help them fully understand the values base and knowledge, skills, expected of them to fulfil their responsibilities in delivering excellence in dementia care, support and treatment.
  • By individual staff members, alongside their managers/supervisors, to identify and explore their strengths and any gaps in knowledge and skills in relation to the role they are performing. It will allow both to identify and take action to address any development needs to deliver the aspirations set out in this framework.
  • By organisations to ensure staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the needs of people with dementia, their families and carers, and to plan staff development activities to reflect the aspirations set out in the framework.
  • By organisations to identify any staff development needs to support delivery of the Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland.
  • By education and training providers to inform the content of the education and training they provide and shape the design and delivery of future focussed vocational and professional undergraduate and post graduate education and training.
  • By people with dementia, their families and carers to ensure they are aware of, and can exercise their rights and entitlements for excellence in the support, care and treatment they should expect to receive.