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An Analysis of the Dental Workforce in Scotland: A Strategic Review 2010

DescriptionReview of the Dental Workforce to provide a clear picture of the skills mix of all debtal professionals currently providing dental care to the public in Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 07, 2011


ISBN 978 0 7559 9655 1

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List of figures
List of tables
List of abbreviations
Executive summary
Evidence and recommendations

01 Oral health
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Oral health
1.3 Risk factors affecting oral health
1.4 Ageing population
1.5 Policy context
1.5.1 Oral health initiatives
1.5.2 Priority groups
1.6 Children's oral health
1.6.1 Regional variations and inequalities
1.7 Adults' oral health
1.7.1 Projections
1.7.2 Oral cancer
1.8 Summary

02 The supply of dentists
2.1 The stock and flow of dentists in NHSScotland
2.2 The stock and flow of GDPs in NHSScotland
2.2.1 Age, sex and country of qualification of NHSGDPs
2.3 The dental clinical academic workforce in Scotland
2.3.1 Introduction
2.3.2 Dental schools in Scotland
2.3.3 Size and composition of the clinical academic workforce
2.4 The stock and flow of HDS dentists
2.4.1 Introduction
2.4.2 Activity data
2.4.3 Workforce data
2.5 Primary care managed dental service
2.5.1 Community Dental Service
2.5.2 Salaried General Dental Service
2.6 The expected number of dental graduates
2.7 The retention of Scottish dental graduates in training in Scotland
2.8 Vocational Training numbers issued in Scotland
2.9 Retention rates of Vocational Dental Practitioners
2.10 Vocational Training numbers issued to EEA nationals
2.11 The contribution of EEA dentists
2.11.1 Participation rates
2.11.2 Treatment patterns
2.12 The Dental Undergraduate Bursary Scheme
2.13 Summary

03 Dental Care Professionals
3.1 Introduction
3.2 DCP demographics
3.2.1 GDC register
3.3 Supply of DCPs
3.3.1 DCPs in training
3.4 DCPs in employment
3.4.1 DCPs employed by NHSScotland
3.4.2 DCPs in the GDS workforce
3.5 DCPs' contribution to dental services
3.5.1 Potential activity
3.5.2 Reported activity of DCPs in the GDS
3.6 Summary

04 The utilisation of dental services
4.1 NHS registration rates
4.2 Dentists in OECD countries
4.3 Spatial analysis of NHSGDS data
4.3.1 Introduction
4.3.2 Data and methods
4.3.3 Results
4.4 The flow of GDS patients between NHS boards
4.5 Trends in public and private dental services using British Household Panel Survey data
4.6 Trends in public and private dental services using Denplan data
4.7 Summary

05 Forecasting the dental workforce
5.1 Supply forecasts
5.2 Demand forecasts
5.2.1 Population projections
5.2.2 The demand for NHSGDPs
5.2.3 The demand for NHSGDPs accounting for DTs and DH/Ts
5.2.4 The demand for NHS dentists
5.3 A comparison of the demand and supply forecasts
5.3.1 NHSGDPs
5.4 Scenario modelling
5.5 The financial implications of targets for the dental workforce
5.6 Summary


Membership of steering group


List of figures

List of tables

Details of the supply forecast
1.1 Outflow of NHSGDPs
1.2 Inflow of NHSGDPs
1.2.1 Inflow of VDPs
1.2.2 Inflow of Returners
1.2.3 Inflow of Other Joiners
1.3 NES/ ISD (2010) NHSGDP Supply Forecast

Details of the NES/ ISD (2010) NHSGDP demand forecast
2.1 Overview of the NES/ ISD (2010) NHSGDP demand forecast
2.1.1 Population forecast
2.1.2 Participation forecast
2.1.3 Attendance forecast
2.1.4 Treatment forecast
2.1.5 Output forecast

Terms of reference

Further background to the review of dental workforce