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Habitats Regulations Appraisal of Draft Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters: Proposed Approach for the Screening and Assessment of the Short and Medium Term Options

DescriptionHabitats Regulations Appraisal of Draft Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters: Proposed Approach for the Screening and Assessment of the Short and Medium Term Options
ISBN978 1 78045 057
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2011
Website Publication DateMarch 08, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 057 5 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11359

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1. Introduction
1.1 Legislative Context and Project Approach
1.2 Objectives of Working Paper

2. HRA Stage 4 and 5 - Methods for Screening
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Coastal, Intertidal and Subtidal Habitats and Associated Species
2.2.1 Introduction
2.2.2 Precedents for Plan-level Screening
2.2.3 Screening Methods Review
2.3 Bird Species
2.3.1 Introduction
2.3.2 Precedents for Plan-level Screening
2.3.3 Screening Methods Review
2.4 Marine Mammal Species (Cetaceans and Seals)
2.4.1 Introduction
2.4.2 Precedents for Plan-level Screening
2.4.3 Screening Methods Review
2.5 Anadromous Fish and Freshwater Pearl Mussel
2.5.1 Introduction
2.5.2 Precedents for Plan-level screening
2.5.3 Screening Methods Review
2.6 Otter
2.6.1 Introduction
2.6.2 Precedents for Plan-level screening
2.6.3 Screening Methods Review

3. HRA Stages 6 and 7 - Approach to Mitigation Measures and Re_Screening

4. HRA Stages 8 to 10 - Methods for Assessment
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Key Stages of the Assessment Process
4.2.1 Step 1: Identify European/Ramsar Sites and Features to be Considered
4.2.2 Step 2: Review Interest Feature Sensitivities
4.2.3 Step 3: Review the Draft OWE Plan Activities to Which Features are Sensitive
4.2.4 Step 4: Assessment of the Effects of the Draft OWE Plan on European/Ramsar Sites
4.3 Cumulative and In-Combination Impacts

5. References

1. Principal recovery locations for likely focal bird species for the SEA

1. Key stages of HRA process for plans
2. Options considered for R3 OWF export cable routes based on studies by National Grid and ENSG
3. Pentland Firth Strategic Area ( PFSA) and 100km screening zone
4. Preferred grid designs for connecting to 5 proposed offshore windfarms
5. Sites screened in for marine mammal qualifying interests as part of the R3 OWFHRA
6. SAC Sites and interest features outside the PFSA that were scoped into the assessment phase of the HRA
7. Bottlenose dolphin abundance estimates
8. Proposed management units for cetacean populations
9. Estimated usage of the marine environment by grey (A) and common (B) seal
10. SACs screened for the presence of anadromous fish interest features
11. Dominant directions of travel for Atlantic salmon in Scottish coastal

1. Short & medium term options for Offshore Wind Energy
2 Tidal ellipse mapping to be used for screening indirect habitat and water quality effects
3 Extent of proposed management unit to be used for screening Moray Firth bottlenose dolphin qualifying interests
4 Location and extent of coastal regions to be used for screening anadromous fish qualifying interests

Date: January 2011
Project Ref: R/3974/1
Report No: R.1722b
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