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The Scottish Health Survey: Volume 1: Main Report



Our first thank you is to the 7,531 adults, and 2,607 children, who gave up their time voluntarily to take part in the 2009 survey and welcomed our interviewers and nurses into their homes.

We would also like to thank those colleagues who contributed to the survey and this report. In particular we would like to thank:

  • All the interviewers and nurses who worked on the project. We owe a huge debt of gratitude for the dedication and professionalism they applied to their work.
  • The authors of the chapters: Fiona Dobbie, Mira Doig, John D'Souza, Linsay Gray, Alastair Leyland, Andy MacGregor, Louise Marryat, Tracey Maw, Martine Miller, Jennifer Mindell, Marilyn Roth and Clare Sharp. Additional thanks are due to Jennifer Mindell for her contributions to the introductions to chapters 3 and 7.
  • Joan Corbett, whose hard work and expertise has been crucial in preparing the survey data, and for conducting much of the analysis in this report.
  • Other research colleagues, in particular: Simon Anderson, Lesley Birse and Mireille Ferrandon, (ScotCen); Rachel Craig, Emily Diment and Heather Wardle (NatCen).
  • Sue Body, Audrey Hale, Laura Common, Frances Carpenter, Lisa Scarfe and the rest of the NatCen Operations team.
  • Jean Vallance and her team of deputies and interviewer supervisors.
  • Sue Nash and her nurse supervisors.
  • The principal programmers: Iain Templeton and Sven Sjodin.
  • The Survey Doctors: Dr Sangeeta Dhami and Professor Aziz Sheikh.

We would also like to express our thanks to Professor Ian Gibb at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne who retired this year having provided valuable help to the study since the samples first began to be processed at the RVI in 1998. Thanks are due to Dr Linda Wilson of the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, who now oversees the work of the staff at RVI, and to Dr Colin Feyerabend and his staff at ABS Laboratories in London, for their continuing helpfulness and efficiency in processing and analysing the blood, saliva and urine samples.

Ethical approval for the study was granted by the Research Committee for Wales (08/ MRE09/62). We are grateful to the committee, and its co-ordinator Dr Corrine Scott, for their careful scrutiny and on-going support.

Finally, special thanks are due to Julie Ramsay, Jan Cassels and Rebecca Landy, and their colleagues in the Scottish Government Health Directorates, for their support at all stages of the project.

Catherine Bromley, Lisa Given, Rachel Ormston