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Draft Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters

DescriptionDraft Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMay 19, 2010


ISBN 978 0 7559 9308 6

This document is also available in pdf format (2.3Mb)


1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Preparation of the Draft Plan
1.3 Overview of the Draft Plan

2. Draft Plan Options
2.1 Background
2.2 Process for Identifying Options
2.3 Analysis to Define the Draft Plan Options
2.4 Description of the Options
2.5 Options Taken Forward for Assessment

3. Summary of the Environmental and Technical Assessment of Short and Medium Term Options
3.1 Background
3.2 Short Term Options
3.3 Medium Term Options
3.4 Summary of the Regional Level Assessment of Environmental and Technical Issues
3.5 Conclusion

4. Proposed Draft Plan
4.1 Background
4.2 Draft Plan in the Short Term
4.3 Draft Plan in the Medium Term
4.4 Draft Plan in the Long Term
4.5 Further Consideration of Options

5. Next Steps: Questions for Consultees

Appendix A: Detailed Description of the Mapping to Identify Draft Plan Options