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Energy - Taking forward our National Conversation


1 Introduction & Overview

Giving greater responsibility to the Scottish Parliament and Government in the energy field would lead to the following outcomes:

  • Energy policy would promote economic opportunity in Scotland, making energy a key driver of the economy, as well as energy security, climate change, energy efficiency and fuel poverty targets.
  • The Government could take further and more effective action to tackle fuel poverty and ensure that consumer interests are protected.
  • In recognition of the interconnected nature of energy markets in Europe, Scotland would be a reliable partner and net energy exporter within wider British Isles and EU markets.
  • Energy market regulation would be tailored for Scottish circumstances and would promote investment in energy efficiency, low carbon energy and interconnection as well as trade, build developer confidence through appropriate spatial planning onshore and offshore, and provide a level playing field for companies and consumer rights.
  • The North Sea taxation and regulation regime would seek to promote exploration, production and diversification as well as investment for the long term.


  • Chapter 2 discusses what Scotland's energy sector is like now, including discussion of our key strengths and achievements, the challenges we face and the limitations of the current regulatory system;
  • Chapter 3 considers the Commission on Scottish Devolution's recommendations for the UK energy sector;
  • Chapter 4 examines what Scotland could be like under a position of devolution max, as well as what options would be available under full fiscal autonomy in an independent Scotland; and
  • Chapter 5 presents conclusions.