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HIV Action Plan in Scotland: December 2009 to March 2014


Process of Action Plan Development

HIV is a major public health challenge for Scotland.

A loss of priority in recent years has resulted in inconsistent responses to HIV prevention and mixed models of care across Scotland.

In response, the National Sexual Health and HIV Advisory Committee ( NSHHAC) proposed the development of an HIV Action Plan in order to provide refocused action on HIV in Scotland.

The Plan was initially envisaged as an HIV Prevention Plan in line with outcome 2.9 in the Respect and Responsibility Sexual Health Outcomes 2008 - 2011. However, following a Treatment and Care Needs Assessment by the Scottish Public Health Network (Scot PHN) a decision was made to create an Action Plan that covered both prevention and treatment and care.

The HIV Action Plan builds on the draft proposals developed by the multi-agency HIV Action Plan Group, the Treatment and Care Needs Assessment commissioned by the Scottish Government and produced by the Scottish Public Health Network (Scot PHN) and the extensive feedback received from key stakeholders and individuals, including those living with HIV.