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Scotland's First Marine Bill


How will the Scottish Marine Bill functions fit with wider responsibilities?

Two Bills, Divided Responsibilities, One Statement

The Scottish Marine Bill legislates for all activities in the marine environment out to 12nm except those reserved to the UK Government. Reserved activities include oil, gas, telecoms
and shipping.

Under proposals in the UK Marine and Coastal Access Bill, Scottish Ministers will have
executive devolution of marine planning, licensing, and nature conservation in the Scottish offshore region. This means that the Scottish Ministers will be able to carry out these activities from 12-200 nm.

UK Marine Policy Statement ( MPS) - Better Joining Up Through Working Together

Scottish Ministers, along with other UK administrations, will prepare an overarching Marine Policy Statement.

The UKMPS will set out the high-level objectives and general policies for the Scottish and UK marine area.

Legislation will provide for Scotland to lead marine planning in all Scottish seas. This means Scottish marine plans will cover marine issues governed by the Scottish Parliament, and subject to their approval, the responsibilities of the UK government.

Figure 1 illustrates the prospective boundaries and responsibilities for Scotland's seas in the event of the enactment of the Marine Bills. The marine planning, licensing and conservation activities in the inshore area are legislated through the Scottish Bill while the offshore area is legislated for through the UK Bill.