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Carbon Assessment of the 2010-11 Draft Budget

DescriptionCarbon assessment of the 2010-11 Draft Budget
Official Print Publication DateSeptember 2009
Website Publication DateSeptember 17, 2009


ISBN 978 0 7559 9098 6 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (440k)

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1.1. Scope of assessment
1.2. Key results
1.3. Budget context
1.4. Climate Change (Scotland) Act and the high-level carbon assessment
1.5. Overview of the high-level carbon assessment

2.High-level carbon assessment of 2010-11 Draft Budget
2.1. Method
2.2. Portfolio expenditure and associated emissions
2.3. Emissions by industry source
2.4. Direct, indirect, induced, domestic and imported emissions
2.5. Individual-level assessments (Carbon appraisals)
2.6. Carbon assessments and uses

3.Next Steps

Annex 1 - Glossary

Annex 2 - High-level Assessment of 2010-11 Budget - Details

Annex 3 - Carbon assessment project
High-level assessment
Individual-level assessment

Annex 4 - Methodology for High-level Carbon Assessment
Input-Output model
Environmental Input-Output model
Emission impact of Government spending
Treatment of specific Budget items
Data availability and methodological challenges