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Scotland's Zero Waste Plan: Consultation


Executive Summary

Implementing this Plan will move Scotland towards achieving the following:

  • 70% recycling of municipal waste by 2025.
  • No more than 25% of municipal waste going to energy from waste facilities.
  • No more than 5% of waste being landfilled by 2025.
  • Savings of around 1.5 million tonnes of CO 2 equivalent in relation to municipal waste alone. [Scotland's total CO 2 equivalent emissions in 2006 were 59 million tonnes.]
  • No growth in the amount of municipal waste produced.
  • Detailed and accurate data being available for all wastes regardless of source, including construction and demolition and commercial and industrial.
  • An effective and responsive land-use planning system for waste management.
  • All businesses being aware of and taking part in work to improve their resource efficiency and to prevent waste.
  • The public sector supporting waste prevention, re-use and recycling through green procurement.

Government will monitor the implementation of this Plan through the publication of an Annual Report, detailing progress.