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Scotland's Zero Waste Plan: Consultation


06 Zero Waste - Your views

Question 22

Are there any other points you wish to make?

Government are inviting written (by post or email) responses to this consultation paper by
Friday 13th November 2009.

Please send your response, including the Respondent Information Form to:

zerowasteplan@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or

Scotland's Zero Waste Plan Consultation

Waste and Pollution Reduction Division
Scottish Government
1-J Dockside
Victoria Quay

or 0131 244 0200

Please indicate in your response which questions or part of the consultation paper you are responding to as this will aid our analysis of the responses received.

A link to this consultation paper can be found at www.scotland.gov.uk/zerowasteplan

In accordance with the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, Government has prepared an Environmental Report. Consultation on the Environmental Report is taking place
in parallel with the consultation on this draft Plan. We are also seeking comments on the
UK Packaging Strategy. Links to both these documents can be found at www.scotland.gov.uk/zerowasteplan