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Monday 29/06/2009

SEARS: Annual Review 2008-09 [Agriculture]

SEARS: Annual Review 2008-09

What to do after a death in Scotland ... practical advice for times of bereavement: 9th Edition [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Practical booklet to give advice at a time of bereavement

Friday 26/06/2009

Education and Lifelong Learning Research Findings No.50/2009 Evaluation of Careers Scotland Enhanced Resource Pilot Project [Education and Training]

Evaluation of the Careers Scotland Enhanced Resource Pilot

Enhancing Scotland's Reputation for Food and Drink: Workstream 3 [Tourism]

National Food and Drink Policy - Workstream 3

Evaluation of Careers Scotland Enhanced Resource Pilot Project: Final Report June 2009 [Education and Training]

The aim of the evaluation was to determine which elements or models of delivery best promote the overall aim of improving postschool destinations among those identified as being at risk of moving into a negative post-school destination.

Food Affordability, Access and Security: Their Implications for Scotland's Food Policy - A Report by Work Stream 5 of the Scottish Government's Food Forum [People and Society]

Workstream 5 National Food and Drink Policy

Food and Drink in Scotland: Key Facts 2009 [Business and Industry]

This booklet is published to coincide with the announcement of Next Steps in Scotland's National Food and Drink Policy. It draws together key facts and figures on food and drink in Scotland. The facts are from a range of sources including official statistics, research and consumer surveys.

Food Prices: An Overview of Current Evidence [Business and Industry]

This paper provides an overview of the current situation with regards to food prices, outlines the main factors behind recent trends and considers the future for food prices.

Food Security: The Role for the Scottish Government in Ensuring Continuity of Food Supply to And Within Scotland and Access to Affordable Food [Business and Industry]

This report summarises the discussion that took place at the Think Tank on Food Security held by the Scottish Government. The think tank focused on both the internal and external factors affecting food security in Scotland. Issues discussed include global challenges affecting Scotland’s food security and how Scotland should respond to these and also on issues around domestic production, supply and access to food.

Innovation For Scotland [Business and Industry]

Innovation for Scotland; the Scottish Government's framework for innovation highlights how Government and its agencies are supporting business and helping stimulate innovation.

Leadership Forum Report: Development of the National Food and Drink Policy

national food and drink policy - Leadership Forum Report

Local Versus Global Markets for Scottish Food Producers and Consumers: What Difference Does it Make? [Business and Industry]

In support of developing the food and drink policy, a think tank was organised. The theme of the think tank was the evidence for the benefits/disadvantages/tensions of local versus export markets for Scottish producers, and where the balance should lie.

National Forum on Drug Related Deaths in Scotland: Annual Report 2008-09 [People and Society]

This is the second report from the National Forum on Drug-related Deaths

'Product Origin — Scotland': A Review of Industry Practice and Evidence [Business and Industry]

The research project aims to clarify the current position with respect to labelling of food and drink products as ‘Scottish’.

Public sector expenditure on food and drink in Scotland [Business and Industry]

This report provides food and drink expenditure data for the whole of Scotland at aggregate level and split by sector (education and social work, health and prisons).

Public Sector Food Procurement in Scotland: An Overview of Current Evidence [Public Sector]

This overview was prepared as part of the evidence base in support of the development of Scotland's Food and Drink Policy. It informed Workstream 4 on Public Sector Food Procurement. It summarises current evidence but is not a systematic review of the literature.

Recipe For Success - Scotland's National Food and Drink Policy [Business and Industry]

Food and drink policy for Scotland published in 2009.

Review of the Scottish Drugs Forum [Research]

Review of the Scottish Drugs Forum to establish the effectiveness of SDF in delivering its aims and objectives

Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate (RPID) 2008-2009 At a Glance [Agriculture]

Leaflet showing key fact and figures for 2008-2009

Scottish National Food and Drink Policy: Recommendations from Workstream 2: "To work with the food and drink industry to enable and support consumers to make healthier and more sustainable choices" [Business and Industry]

workstream 2 Report - National Food and Drink Policy

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