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Scottish Marine Bill Regulatory Impact Assessment Independent Report by ABP Mer on behalf of Scottish Government

DescriptionScottish Marine Bill Regulatory Impact Assessment Independent Report by ABP Mer on behalf of Scottish Government
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMay 11, 2009


prepared for
the Scottish Government

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ISBN 978 0 7559 1997 0 (Web only publication)

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Executive Summary

1. Title of the Proposed Regulation

2. Purpose and Intended Effect
2.1 Objectives
2.2 Background
2.3 Rationale for Government Intervention

3. Consultation
3.1 Within Government
3.2 Public Consultation

4. Options for a New System of Marine Planning and Coastal Zone Management
4.1 Options
4.2 Sectors and Groups Affected
4.3 Benefits
4.4 Costs
4.5 Small/Micro Firms Impact Assessment
4.6 Competition Assessment
4.7 Enforcement, Sanctions and Monitoring
4.8 Summary

5. Options for a Streamlined System of Licensing and Enforcement
5.1 Options
5.2 Sectors and Groups Affected
5.3 Benefits
5.4 Costs
5.5 Small/Micro Firms Impact Assessment
5.6 Competition Assessment
5.7 Enforcement, Sanctions and Monitoring
5.8 Summary

6. Options for Powers to Deliver Marine Nature Conservation
6.1 Options
6.2 Sectors and Groups Affected
6.3 Benefits
6.4 Costs
6.5 Small/Micro Firms Impact Assessment
6.6 Competition Assessment
6.7 Enforcement, Sanctions and Monitoring
6.8 Summary
6.9 Seal Licensing and Conservation
6.10 Integration of Historic Environment Site Protection

7. Science and Data
7.1 Options
7.2 Sectors and Groups Affected
7.3 Benefits
7.4 Costs
7.5 Small/Micro Firms Impact Assessment
7.6 Competition Assessment
7.7 Enforcement, Sanctions and Monitoring
7.8 Summary

8. Options for Marine Management Arrangements
8.1 Options
8.2 Sectors and Groups Affected
8.3 Benefits
8.4 Costs
8.5 Small/Micro Firms Impact Assessment
8.6 Competition Assessment
8.7 Enforcement, Sanctions and Monitoring
8.8 Summary

9. Summary and Recommendations
9.1 Summary
9.2 Recommendations

Annex 1 Examples of the Impacts of Conflicts in the Marine Environment

Annex 2 Timing of Costs of National and Regional Marine Planning


Project: Ref/Title

J632- Scottish Marine Bill RIA


In accordance with Research Specification

Report Status:

Partial RIA - Final Report

Prepared by:

Jan Vernon, Technical Director, RPA
Rocio Salado, Senior Consultant, RPA
Steve Hull, Business Development Director, ABPmer
Justine Saunders, Consultant, ABPmer
Carolyn George, Green Dart Consulting

Approved for issue by:

Meg Postle, Project Director


27 March 2009