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Implementing the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, Parts 1 and 2 Advisory Guidance for Local Authorities Volume 2: Housing Renewal Areas and Repair, Improvement and Demolition

DescriptionImplementing the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 Part 1 and
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 25, 2009


ISBN 978 0 7559 7483 2
This document is also available in pdf format (280k)



Chapter 1 Background

Chapter 2 Sub-standard Housing, Local Amenity And Use Of Powers

Chapter 3 Housing Renewal Areas ( HRAs)

Chapter 4 Work Notices And Demolition Notices

Annex A HRA Designation Order

Annex B HRA Action Plan
Sample template for HRA designation order and action plan

Annex C Work Notice
Sample template for work notice

Annex D Demolition Notice
Sample template for demolition notice

Annex E Service Of Documents

Annex F Appeals

Annex G Recovery Of Expenses And Repayment Charges


This part of the guidance is mainly for:

  • local authority private sector housing teams, environmental health and strategic policy staff; and
  • other organisations who may find it useful.


This part of the guidance is intended to:

  • provide an overview of the revised powers to deal with sub-standard housing on an area or individual basis;
  • identify issues which local authorities will wish to consider when implementing these new powers; and
  • provide some good practice suggestions to help local authorities to implement them.


Owners are responsible for looking after their properties. But where this is not happening, the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 gives local authorities revised powers to deal with sub-standard housing.

Housing Renewal Areas

  • These replace the power to designate Housing Action Areas ( HAAs).
  • Local authorities can designate an HRA where:
  • a significant number of houses are sub-standard; and/or
  • any houses are adversely affecting the amenity of the area.
  • This is wider than under the HAA system.

Work notices and demolition notices

  • Local authorities can issue work notices and demolition notices to implement an HRA.
  • Demolition notices can be used to implement an HRA action plan where a house in serious disrepair ought to be demolished.
  • They can also issue a work notice on a house which is sub-standard, whether or not it is within an HRA.
  • Work notices replace repairs notices and improvement orders.