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SEABS'08: The Scottish Environmental Attitudes and Behaviours Survey 2008



In order to explore a few of the various policy options available to policy makers to meet the challenge, respondents were asked whether they supported a variety of hypothetical policy developments:

  • Requiring shops to charge 10p for a carrier bag was supported by 61% of respondents, and opposed by 37%.
  • Introducing water meters so that respondents pay for the amount they use was supported by 49% of respondents, and opposed by 45%.
  • Charging car owners to drive in city centres (congestion charging) was supported by 40% of respondents and opposed by 55%.

Respondents were asked what sources they would trust the most to provide them with correct information about climate change. The most commonly mentioned sources were:

45%independent scientists

25% environmental groups or charities

23% television news programmes

12% Scottish Government

Figure 6: Most trusted sources of information on climate change

Q. Which of the following, if any, would you trust most to give you correct information about climate change?

Figure 6: Most trusted sources of information on climate change

Base: All respondents (3,054)

When asked who they would trust the least, the most commonly mentioned sources were the UK Government (34%), tabloid newspapers (34%), business and industry (22%) and the Scottish Government (17%).