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Living and Dying Well: A national action plan for palliative and end of life care in Scotland



ePCS Flow Chart

ePCS Flow Chart

ePCS - Information extracted from GP systems

Date - Updated when sent to ECS

Date - Patient review Date

Patient & Carer Details - Section 1 Patient's Own GP and Nurse

Review date

Usual GP name

Patient Surname


Patient Forenames

Practice details

CHI Number

Patient Address & Tel Number

Carer Details

Access Info/potential issues

Next of kin details

Section 2 Patient medical Condition

Main diagnoses

Other relevant issues

Allergies/Drug reactions

Current drugs and doses

Additional drugs available at home

Section 3 Current Care Arrangements

Care arrangements

Syringe driver at home

Catheter continence prods at home

Move & Hand equip at home

Section 4 Patient's and Carer's Awareness of Condition

Patient's understanding of Diagnosis

Patient's understanding of Prognosis

Carer's understanding of Diagnosis

Carer's understanding of Prognosis

Section 5 Advice for Out Of Hours Care

Care Plan agreed

Preferred place of care

Should GP be contacted OOH?

GP Home tel/mobile/pager

Resuscitation status agreed

Actual resuscitation status

GP sign death cert in normal circ?

Additional useful OOH informatio

Gold Standards Framework Scotland - IT Steering Group, 2007.