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Delivering for Remote and Rural Healthcare: The Final Report of the Remote and Rural Workstream

DescriptionThe final report of the remote and rural steering group
Official Print Publication DateMay 2008
Website Publication DateMay 13, 2008


Remote and Rural Steering Group
ISBN 978 0 7559 5762 0
This document is also available in pdf format (1.1mb)




Our Vision

Improving the Patient Experience of Remote Primary Care
1. The Model of Care
2. The Remote Community Hospital

Improving Access to Rural Secondary Care
1. A Rapid Needs Assessment
2. The Rural General Hospital

The Remote and Rural Workforce
1. Staffing Models
2. Education
3. Rural Training Pathways for Doctors

1. Support Networks
2. Quality Assurance and Governance
3. Physical Infrastructure
4. Diagnostics
5. E-health

Emergency Response and Transport
1. The Fundamental Building Blocks
2. An Emergency Medical Retrieval Service for Remote and Rural Scotland

Equality and Diversity

Support for Change

Appendix 1: Membership of Steering Group

Appendix 2: Implementation Plan

Annex 1: Remote and Rural Pathways Training Group - Final Report December 2007

Annex 2: Remote and Rural Steering Group Rural General Hospitals Needs Assessment - A Report by the North of Scotland Public Health Network

Annex 3: Rural General Hospital Surgery - Workshop 12th June 2007 Report

Annex 4: Viking Surgeons proposed modifications to the RGH Surgery workshop report

Annex 5: The Remote and Rural Midwifery Service

Annex 6: Remote and Rural Mental Health Services

Annex 7: Remote and Rural Child Health Services

Annex 8: Shifting the Balance of Care Audit Report

Annex 9: Remote Scottish Ambulance Service Response Audit Report

Annex 10: Nuffield joint Travel Scholarship to Remote and Rural Australia - October/November 2007

Annex 11: Remote and Rural Report - Technical Annex