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Evaluation of the Implementation of Local Area Co-ordination in Scotland



Evaluation of the Implementation of Local Area Co-ordination in Scotland

Interview schedule for managers

About your post

Local authority; agency; your job title?
What is your role in relation to LAC?
How long have you had this role?
What are your responsibilities in relation to LAC?
Do you have previous experience which is relevant to LAC?
Have you had any induction or training about LAC?

Appointment of local area co-ordinators

When did this authority first appoint local area co-ordinators?

Why did it decide to do so?

Was any time spent laying foundations for LAC prior to filling posts? (ie: putting structures in place?) ( probe: how much time? what development work took place?)

What aims and expectations did the authority have for LAC at that point?

What factors influenced decisions about the remit of the post?

  • size and nature of target groups?
  • geographic location?
  • office base?
  • grading the post(s)?

With the benefit of hindsight, would you do anything differently now?

Have any changes been made to LAC since it was introduced to this authority?


Who is the LAC(s) accountable to? ( prompt: supervisor/ steering group/ wider community)
How well do these arrangements work?
Do service users have a role in advising or managing LAC? (if so, please explain)


How is the LAC post (s) funded?
Do you think LAC provides value for money? (if so, please give an example)

Implementation of LAC

How do you assess the effectiveness of LAC in this authority?
How would you describe its achievements so far?
What barriers have there been (if any)?
How have these been tackled?
How well developed are strategic links between LAC and other local agencies?
Is there anything distinctive about the implementation of LAC in this authority?
How would you describe the relationship between LAC and care management?

Reflections on LAC

Are there lessons from LAC for other areas of policy and practice?
What do you think of the principles underlying LAC? How useful do you consider them?
Do you see any problematic aspects in the LAC ethos?
How well does the Australian model of LAC fit Scotland?
How helpful has been the policy lead on LAC from the Scottish Executive?
In your opinion, how well embedded is LAC within wider service developments and initiatives nationally?

Future plans

How far has LAC met the authority's initial expectations?
Do you plan to continue or expand LAC in this authority? (if so, in what ways/ how definite?). If not, could you explain why?
Do you have any suggestions for changing/improving LAC in the future? (locally/ nationally)
Is there anything else about LAC or related issues that you'd like to comment on?

Thank you very much for taking part in this study. We plan to carry out more detailed case studies of LAC in five authorities. Is that something you would be willing to consider taking part in? You will receive feedback about the findings of the study once they have been cleared by the Scottish Executive.