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Scottish Fuel Poverty Statement 2002 - Poverty Report

DescriptionProgress Report on the Scottish Fuel Poverty Statement 2002.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 29, 2006


The Scottish Executive Fuel Poverty Statement was published in 2002 under paragraph 88 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. It sets out to identify the causes of and outline the Executive's definition of fuel poverty, along with highlighting what the Executive has done and will do to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016.

The Statement sets out a number of milestones to check progress along with a forward work plan with specific actions to be taken. Progress against the forward work plan is outlined in Annex A.

The Act places an obligation upon Ministers to review the Statement every 4 years and this is the purpose of this report which describes actions taken over the last four years towards achieving the outcomes framed in the statement. This report also describes the work of the organisations represented on the Scottish Executive Poverty Forum as outlined in Annex B. Fuel poverty is a shared agenda across Scotland and to achieve our overall objective of ending it, we must work in partnership with the many others who have a key role to play; notably various voluntary bodies and local authorities through their fuel poverty strategies.