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Education Appeal Committees: Proposals for Reform: A Consultation


Appellants' Experiences of Education Appeals Committees

Janet Biggar and Sue Granville
George Street Research

Scottish Executive Education Department 2004


Executive Summary

Chapter One: Background and Objectives
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives

Chapter Two: Methodology and Sample
2.1 Approach
2.2 Recruitment Procedure
2.3 Sample
2.4 Interviews

Chapter Three: Main Findings
3.1 Communication and Timing
3.1.1 Communication
3.1.2 Speed
3.1.3 Timing
3.2 Information Provision and Support
3.2.1 Information
3.2.2 Support/Advice
3.3 Pre-Hearing Meetings
3.4 Hearings
3.4.1 Logistics
3.4.2 Purpose/Relevance
3.4.3 Atmosphere
3.4.4 Conduct
3.4.5 Panel
3.4.6 Decisions
3.4.7 Fairness/Independence

Chapter Four: Overall Views of the Process