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A review of the Scottish Executive document - Guidance on the Circumstances in which parents may choose to educate their children at home: Consultation Paper


Full list of Consultation Questions

Question 1:

Is there anything else you would wish to see in the introduction to the guidance?

Question 2:

Do you consider that the legal position is presented clearly enough in the guidance?

Question 3:

Would the section on the legislative position benefit from:

  • additional descriptive text, or

  • no descriptive text at all, to let the legislation 'speak for itself'?

Question 4:

Is the section on who needs consent set out clearly enough, and if not do you have any suggestions for improvement of this section?

Question 5:

Is it necessary to state possible reasons for choosing to home educate, given that this has no bearing on whether consent is given?

Question 6:

If you feel it is helpful to state possible reasons, do you believe that the list at section 3.5 should be updated, or does it adequately cover the main reasons for wishing to home educate?

Question 7:

Would you find it helpful if the guidance specifically referred to the particular issues surrounding Gypsy/Traveller families and home education?

Question 8:

How is the process of requesting to withdraw a child from school currently working without a specified suggested timescale within which the authority should respond?

Question 9:

Do you have any suggestions for improvement of the section on withdrawing the child?

Question 10:

Do you find the section on developing relationships useful?

Question 11:

How is the current guidance regarding frequency and type of contact between home educators and education authorities working, and would you like to see it changed in any way?

Question 12:

Do sections 4.18 and 4.19 provide adequate coverage, for the purpose of this guidance, on child protection issues, and if not, what further guidance would you like to see?

Question 13:

Do you have any suggestions, not already mentioned in the guidance, of how better relationships can be developed?

Question 14:

Does section 5 set out clearly enough the roles and responsibilities for providing efficient and suitable education, and the monitoring of that education for:

  • parents?

  • education authorities?

If not, how would you improve it?

Question 15:

Do you consider the list of suggested characteristics of efficient and suitable education at section 5.5 helpful and relevant, and if not, would you wish to :

  • amend it?

  • omit it altogether?

Question 16:

Is the section on attendance orders helpful, and if not, how would you amend it?

Question 17:

Do you have any comments regarding the home education of children with additional support needs, which you feel should be reflected in any revised guidance?

Question 18:

Do you find it useful to have a section on qualification options in the guidance, and would you like to see any changes or additions to this section?

Question 19:

Are there any organisations, or types of organisation, not currently represented that you would like to see included in the contacts section?

Question 20:

Are there any other issues not addressed elsewhere which you feel should be taken into account during the review of the guidance?