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A review of the Scottish Executive document - Guidance on the Circumstances in which parents may choose to educate their children at home: Consultation Paper


Summary and Background

The Scottish Executive's Guidance on the Circumstances in which parents may Choose to Educate their Children at Home was published in 2004. In it we stated that it would be reviewed in 2 years time.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek opinions from users of the guidance on how it is working so far and suggestions for improving it. The Executive recognise home education as a key aspect of parental choice; this consultation is not proposing changes to policy on home education.

The purpose of the guidance is to encourage education authorities and home educators to work together to develop trust, mutual respect and a positive relationship that functions in the best interests of the child. It aims to do this through promoting a consistency of approach across the country by clearly setting out the legislative position, and by providing advice on the roles and responsibilities of education authorities and parents.

This consultation paper should be read in conjunction with the current guidance, which is attached as Annex A to this consultation document. The current guidance can also be found on the Scottish Executive website at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2004/03/19061/34285