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Scotland's Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease Contingency Plan

DescriptionScotland's Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease Contingency Plan - September 2006
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateSeptember 20, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 5244 8 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (500k)


Section 1 Disease Response Assumptions
Section 2 Command and Control - Disease Management in Scotland
Section 3ERAD Headquarters Structures
Section 4 Field Operations
Section 5 Response to finding HPAI in wild birds
Section 6 Communications
Section 7 Resources


A Legislative Power
B Disease Control Zones
C Disease Control Options
D Movement Controls and Licensing
E(i) Biosecurity Advice for all Poultry Keepers
E(ii) Guidance on the housing of birds
F Health and Safety in an outbreak
G Access
H(i) Disposal
H(ii) Hierarchy of Preferred Disposal Options

I Key Event / Action Flowchart
J Forms
K Role of Regional Operations Director
L Resources for Local Disease Control Centre
M(i) Agenda Template: Disease Strategy Group Initial meeting
M(ii) Disease Strategy Group Standard meeting

N Key Contacts
O Organisation Charts
P Stocking Density
Q Useful Websites
R Glossary