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Sponsored Research: Current Trends in the Use of Residential Child Care in Scotland

DescriptionA report in the Education sponsored research programme (with external link to the published report)
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 02, 2006

Sponsored research - Current Trends in the use of residential child care in Scotland

Ian Milligan, lynne Hunter & Andrew Kendrick

Scottish Institute for Residential Care in Scotland

This document is now available to download from the SIRCC web site directly from the following link:

The Scottish Executive is making this research report, part of the SEED Sponsored Research programme, available in order to provide access to its contents for those interested in the subject. The Executive sponsored the research but has not exercised editorial control over the report.

The views expressed in the report are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Scottish Executive or any other organisation(s) by which the author(s) is/are employed.

The research was commissioned through Information, Analysis and Communication Division, which is responsible for providing analytical services within the Scottish Executive Education Department (SEED). Their work is part of a multidisciplinary unit (consisting of researchers, economists and statistics staff) and the staff undertakes and funds economic analysis and social research in the fields of: school education; children, young people and social work: architecture; and tourism, culture and sport.

If you wish to find out more about SEED's research programme, please contact the Dissemination Officer, Information, Analysis and Communication Division, Scottish Executive Education Department, Area 1B (S), Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ or by e-mail on recs.admin@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or visit our website www.scotland.gov.uk/insight/

This report was made available via the Scottish Executive website in June 2006