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Hepatitis C Proposed Action Plan in Scotland: Analysis of Consultation Responses

DescriptionIn June 2005, the Scottish Executive published its Action Plan for Hepatitis C. The document, entitled, Hepatitis C. Proposed Action Plan in Scotland, was circulated to a wide range of stakeholders throughout Scotland, and comments were invited over a period of 12 weeks.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateOctober 02, 2006


Dawn Griesbach Griesbach & Associates November 2005
ISBN 0 7559 5021 6
This document is also available in pdf format (704k)


Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1 Overview of report

2. Consultation respondents

3. General comments
3.1 Lack of clarity and detail for planning
3.2 Lack of SMART objectives
3.3 Skewed focus on NHS services
3.4 Use of evidence base
3.5 Funding
3.6 Other general comments

4. Prevention
4.1 Omissions
4.2 Reducing transmission among current IDUs
4.3 Preventing initiation into injecting
4.4 Raising awareness among staff / organisations working with drug users
4.5 Other prevention issues

5. High-quality health and social care services
5.1 General comments
5.2 Managed Clinical Networks
5.3 SIGN Guideline
5.4 Role of Community Health Partnerships
5.5 Primary Care contracting

6. Increasing awareness about Hepatitis C
6.1 General concerns
6.2 Action for those who know they have Hepatitis C
6.3 Action for the newly diagnosed
6.4 Action for those with Hepatitis C, but who are unaware of their infection
6.5 Awareness-raising among the general public
6.6 Training and awareness-raising among professionals

7. Co-ordination, monitoring and research
7.1 Co-ordination
7.2 Monitoring
7.3 Research

8. Conclusions

Appendix A: Respondents' priorities for research