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Substance Misuse Research: Co-morbid Mental Health and Substance Misuse in Scotland

DescriptionCo-morbid Mental Health and Substance Misuse in Scotland
Official Print Publication DateJuly 2006
Website Publication DateJuly 12, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 6072 6 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (640k)


Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Purpose, Scope and Methodology
Chapter 3: Regional Variations in Experiences of Co-morbid Mental Health and Substance Misuse
Chapter 4: Service Providers' Perspectives on Co-morbid Mental Health and Substance Misuse
Chapter 5: Co-morbid Service Users' Views on the Provision of Mental Health, Substance Misuse and other Support Services
Chapter 6: The Scottish Picture
Chapter 7: Main Findings and Recommendations

Appendix 1: Deprivation Categories
Appendix 2: Commissioner Interview Topic Guide
Appendix 3: Focus Group Topic Guide
Appendix 4: Service User Interview Topic Guide

Scottish Executive Social Research: Substance Misuse Research Programme, May 2006
Claire-Louise Hodges - Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Addiction Research and Education Scotland ( CARES), University of Dundee
Sheila Paterson, Sarah McGarrol - Research Fellow, CARES, University of Dundee
Matira Taikato - SPR in Psychiatry, NHS Tayside
Ilana Crome - Professor in Psychiatry, University of Keele
Alex Baldacchino - Director, CARES, University of Dundee

The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

This report is available on the Scottish Executive Social Research website only