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SEED Sponsored Research: Protecting Children in Scotland: An investigation of Risk Assessment and Inter-Agency Collaboration in the Use of Child Protection Orders

APPENDIX ONE (the layout of this questionnaire does not show properly under HTML format; please see PDF file)

Local authority Survey Questionnaire


1. How many Child Protection Orders were obtained in your authority in each of the following years? (N.B. Child Protection Orders refers to the specific Child Protection Order as set out in sections 57-60 Children (Scotland) Act 1995 and does not refer to other orders, which may serve to protect children such as Exclusion Orders).

1 APRIL 1999 TO 31 MARCH 2000

1 APRIL 2000 TO 31 MARCH 2001

1 APRIL 2001 TO 31 MARCH 2002

1 APRIL 2002 TO 31 MARCH 2003

1 APRIL 2003 TO 31 MARCH 2004

2. Please provide us with any reason(s)/explanation(s) for any variation or emerging trends in the number of Child Protection Orders obtained over the last 5 years in your authority? (e.g. apparent increases, decreases or stability)

3. Does your authority have an agreed written policy on the use of Child Protection Orders? (please tick)


3(a). If YES, please list any other agencies that are signatories to the policy.

4. Does your authority have specific procedural guidance for applications for Child Protection

Orders? (please tick) YES r NOr

4(a). If YES, is this guidance issued separately from general child protection guidelines?


4(b). Please list any other agencies that receive this specific guidance.

5. Does your authority use a specific framework or model for risk assessment in child protection? (please tick)


If YES, please specify

5(a). Does your authority issue specific guidance on assessing 'significant harm' in child protection? (please tick)


If YES, please give details.

6. Are there any particular policy or practice or procedural issues that you would like to draw to our attention in relation to Child Protection Orders? (for example issues related to resources, planning, applications, thresholds for intervention, definitions of significant harm, placements, organising contact etc.)


Inter-agency and intra-agency collaboration in child protection is a key issue identified in the child protection audit and review (Scottish Executive, 2002). The questions in this section are focused on this aspect of your work in relation to applications for Child Protection Orders in your authority.

7. In your authority who applies for Child Protection Orders (please tick)

Legal services ¨

Social work staff ¨

Both legal and social work staff ¨

Other (specify)________________________________________

7(a). If legal services are involved in the process how do you rate the liaison between them and social work on the scale below? (please circle the appropriate number)

very good good average poor very poor

1 2 3 4 5

8. Which professionals/agencies most often provide information in relation to applications for Child Protection Orders? (please tick)

Police q Health Visitor q General Practitioner q Paediatrican q School q School Nurse q Educational Psychology Service(s) q Nursery School q Children's Centre q Other Social Work staff q Housing q Drug Advice Service(s)q

Other (please specify)___________________________________________________

8(a). Which of these professionals/agencies, in your view, play the most central roles in Child Protection Order applications?

8(b) What are the main challenges to information sharing with other professionals/agencies, and within your own authority, in applications for Child Protection Orders?

9. What in your view are the main factors that promote effective inter-agency practice in child protection in your area?

10. What, in your view, are the main barriers/challenges to effective inter-agency child protection practice in your area?