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Quality Improvement Framework for Integrated Services for Children and Young People


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30 March 2006

Dear Colleague

Quality Improvement Framework for Integrated Services for Children and Young People

I am pleased to enclose the Scottish Executive's Quality Improvement Framework ( QIF) for integrated services for children and young people. The QIF has been revised and updated following our consultation last year. Respondents to the consultation supported both our overall approach and our reduction in the key performance indicators that will be used by the Executive to assess performance improvement.

Respondents also considered that there was ample scope to reduce the performance indicators even further and challenged us to continue making progress to rationalise the performance measures currently used for children's services. We agree and we want to work with you over the next year to achieve this goal.

During 2006-07, the QIF should support local inter-agency partnerships in their work to improve the quality of services for children and young people and to ensure these improvements are sustained. Progress should be reported in May 2007 against the performance measures against Annex A as part of the annual update on your Integrated Children's Services Plan. The guidance on integrated children's services plans is being updated to make clear, among other things, the role of the Quality Improvement framework within the Plans.

We have worked very closely with the HMIE-led Joint Inspection team to ensure that the QIF is complementary to the development of joint inspection of children's services. This was acknowledged and welcomed by respondents to our consultation. You will want to consider the QIF in conjunction with the agreed methodology for Joint Inspections and the generic quality indicators, which will be issued for consultation in April.

If you wish to discuss the QIF in more detail, please contact Jackie Brock in the first instance.

Yours sincerely

Maureen Verrall
Head of Children and Families Division