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Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Preparing for Emergencies


Preparing Scotland


At the beginning of the 21st Century Scotland enjoys a quality of life sustained by complex, interrelated systems that provide essential services. Failures in supply chains or infrastructure can have knock on effects that can threaten the well being of communities and pose severe threats to the vulnerable. The threats posed by malicious acts and international terrorism add a new dimension to the risks to life in Scotland.

Experience has shown what can be achieved when organisations that provide key public services work in partnership and with their communities in responding to disruptive events.

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 establishes a new legislative framework for civil protection in the UK. The Contingency Planning (Scotland) Regulations 2005 describe how the provisions of the Act are to be implemented. Both place clear roles and responsibilities on those organisations with a part to play in preparing for response to emergencies.

Preparing Scotland brings together, in one place, guidance on the philosophy and structures, with statutory guidance on the implementation of the Regulations, good practice and the integration of national and local planning for emergencies.

Preparing Scotland is a living document that will develop and adapt to the environment in which it is set. As performance of duties under the Act matures the guidance will change and promote continuous improvement.

Preparing Scotland will promote Scottish resilience and enhance preparation, response and recovery from disruptive challenges through effective partnership working from local communities to UK Government.