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Protecting Vulnerable Groups: Scottish Vetting And Barring Scheme: Consultation Paper


4. Conclusion

4.1. We believe that we have set out a framework which will:

For children...

extend a measure of protection to a range of children who may currently be cared for by adults who are not checked and ensure a more proactive rather than reactive approach;

For vulnerable adults...

introduce a Disqualified from Working with Vulnerable Adults List and extend a measure of protection to situations where people currently working with vulnerable adults may not be checked;

For parents, carers and families...

provide a degree of reassurance about the people who work with their children or vulnerable relatives and a mechanism for referring those people who have behaved in a way which causes concern;

For employers...

reduce some of the burden of taking vetting decisions (although they will still be expected to follow other aspects of good recruitment practice) and speeding up the checking process for those already in the workforce;

For workers...

make it easier and quicker to gain employment and move between positions in the vulnerable groups workforce once they are in the system; and

For regulatory bodies, the police and social work...

provide a more robust system and the necessary information and mechanisms to enable them to contribute to the protection of vulnerable groups efficiently and effectively.

4.2. The scheme should extend a more comprehensive and consistent measure of protection for children and vulnerable adults. However, by itself, the scheme cannot fully guarantee the safety of vulnerable groups from unsuitable people. It will be vital for employers at all levels to maintain sound recruitment and child and vulnerable adult protection policies and practice.

4.3. We welcome your views.

Scottish Executive Education Department
Children and Families Division
February 2006