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Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)60 Strathclyde Performance Management

DescriptionSTATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To develop and deliver a vehicle to implement effective performance management within and across organisations.
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2005
Website Publication DateFebruary 28, 2006


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    Stage 1 application - expression of interest

    Part 1: Summary Table

    Bid number (for EG use)

    Lead bidder

    Strathclyde Police
    173 Pitt Street
    G2 4JS
    Mr Ricky Gray
    Deputy Chief Constable
    0141 532 2000

    Brief description of the aims of the project

    The project aims, using proven techniques and technology, to develop and deliver a vehicle to implement effective performance management within and across organisations. This would be directly applicable to the criminal justice and community planning areas along with their partner organisations. It would be flexible enough to be deployed across these areas throughout Scotland and scaleable to address individual through to national performance in a way that would provide both local and national accountability.

    Clear description of what the EGF money would be used to buy

    EGF money would be used to:-

    • Employ consultants to carry out examination of corporate governance at each organisation
    • Provide necessary software and IT systems
    • Fund research
    • Fund communication strategy
    • Provide training

    Partners to the project likely to commit resources

    Strathclyde Joint Police Board

    Grampian Police

    Central Scotland Police

    Northern Constabulary

    Glasgow City Council

    Renfrewshire Council

    Greater Glasgow NHS Trust

    Crown Office Procurators Fiscal Service

    Scottish Executive, Justice Department, Police Division

    Scottish Drugs Enforcement Agency

    Audit Scotland

    Names of other organisations with whom the project has been discussed (to assist the introductions process)

    Greater Manchester Police

    Merseyside Police

    Home Office Police Standards Unit

    Police Information Technology Organisation

    Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary

    Police Service of Northern Ireland

    Govan Initiative

    Evidence that suggested approach has been deployed successfully elsewhere

    The Police Service of Northern Ireland ( PSNI) has successfully used this system to roll out performance management throughout their organisation despite some resistance and inertia. The system is now unanimously accepted and is being continually developed and improved. Managers report increased buy in from staff at all levels and real, evidenced improvements in front line service delivery. The same system is successfully used in organisations such as the Govan Initiative in Glasgow. They report that it allows them to mange their own and partners' performance in such a way that they can focus on challenges which arise and clearly evidence successful performance. British Airports Authority also use this system and have used it to successfully mainstream corporate risk management into their performance management.

    Are there any restrictions to potential for enlargement of the project ( i.e. technology, number of partners etc)

    There are no potential restrictions to the enlargement of the project as two of the key objectives are flexibility and scalability.

    Benefits projected from the project

    • Specifically designed for Scotland
    • Scalable from individual to national performance
    • Suitable for a wide range of service providers
    • Allow performance of joint initiatives to be measured and managed
    • Encourages and promotes local and national accountability
    • Easy to use
    • Allow focused service delivery
    • Provide public performance information
    • Provide performance information that is clear, precise, timely and reliable.
    • Promote efficiency and effectiveness
    • Provides transparency
    • Promotes and drives Best Value
    • Evidences and assists in risk management
    • Allows existing Performance Management Frameworks to be retained and developed

    Estimated financial projections






    Overall project cost





    Estimated projected benefits*

    *Based only on efficiency savings within Strathclyde Police based on 2005/06 costs ( see narrative).






    Is a pilot required - see guidance notes

    This project, although using proven techniques and technology, would revolutionise how performance management is implemented in Scotland. A pilot is seen as an integral part of the overall project. This would allow the new synthesis of the techniques and technology to be implemented and proven. The requirement for these two parts to be fully integrated and joined up is essential to the overall success of the project.

    In addition it is intended that the pilot would include a police force and a local authority to allow the measurement and management of performance in the community planning arena as well as within the organisations themselves. The implementation of this in a well constructed pilot would provide a positive example to inspire others to commit to the project and implement the proposed solution as well as providing an early indication of the overall success of the project.

    Additionally: why is EG funding required

    Strathclyde Police is a public organisation that operates within strict spending limits. It is required to produce plans for spending money allocated and to plan ahead. This in effect means that major financial projects are planned well ahead and there is no leeway to divert funding to this project without impacting on core operational priorities. However, the force could commit human resources towards its development.

    The project is bigger than just Strathclyde Police and will have a nationwide impact and should result in efficiency savings across the country. It is reasonable to expect that because of the potential uptake and the variety of organisations that have expressed interest that it should attract additional central funding.

    Does this project complementary in anyway to other EG work

    By its very nature this work is complementary to any other EG work involving the areas of:-

    • Support Service Reform
    • Productive Time
    • Policy Funding and Regulation
    • Internal Efficiencies

    Is "stage 2 development funding" requested?