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Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)42 Grampian Fleet Procurement

DescriptionSTATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To rationalize the processes of fleet management procurement across the partnership areas in order to maximize purchasing power, whilst minimizing administration costs and reducing bureaucracy.
Official Print Publication DateJanuary 2005
Website Publication DateFebruary 24, 2006


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    Efficient Government Proposal

    Stage 1 Application - Expression of Interest


    Part 1: Summary Table

    Lead bidder

    Grampian Police, Queen Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1ZA, on behalf of the Joint Public Sector Group.
    Named individual - Chief Superintendent Ewan Stewart, Tel No 01224 386720, email ewan.stewart@Grampian.pnn.police.uk

    Brief description of the aims of the project

    The project is being progressed with a view to rationalise the processes of fleet management procurement across the partnership areas in order to maximise purchasing power, whilst minimising administrative costs and reducing bureaucracy. It would be underpinned by the principles of 'Best Value'.

    Clear description of what the EGF money would be used to buy

    The money would be used to review the existing administrations associated to Fleet Procurement across the participating agencies in the North East of Scotland, and instigate the rationalisation of these individual entities into one streamlined facility into which all such agencies link.

    Partners to the project likely to commit resources

    Grampian Police

    Grampian Fire & Rescue Service

    Aberdeen City Council

    Aberdeenshire Council

    Moray Council

    NHS Grampian

    Names of other organisations with whom the project has been discussed (to assist the introductions process)


    Evidence that suggests approach has been deployed successfully elsewhere

    The concept of increased purchasing power is universally accepted as being one which applies to a myriad of business arenas. It can be easily supported in relation to a wide range of business needs involving the supply of commonly used goods.

    Within the review of Common Police Services the issue of Fleet Procurement was initially raised and this principle can, and has been, expanded into the above partnership forum and across the scope of business practice.

    Are there any restrictions to enlargement of the project (ie number of partners)

    This concept could feasibly be expanded further on a proportionality basis, dependent on sufficient 'buy in' by the additional partners. Within the confines of this application the bid is limited to the geographical area of the North East of Scotland, coterminous with the Grampian Regional Boundaries.

    Benefits projected from the project

    This concept will maximise efficiency across a wide range of logistical and administrative functions linked to Fleet Management inclusive of fuel procurement.

    The establishment of a centralised facility will streamline all the associated functions relating to the running of fleet management. It will, once operational, increase functionality and ease all aspects of this business area. Potential benefits include:

    • Improved service delivery
    • Financial prudence - economies of scale
    • Release of staff to other areas
      A rationalisation of administrative burden associated to this work will release assets to concentrate on other areas of business within the participating organisations and thus the efficiency saving are wider ranging that the mere procurement of fleet and fuel commodities. This process contributes to increased saving and enhanced service delivery
    • Reduced bureaucracy

    Estimated financial projections






    Overall project cost


    Estimated projected benefits

    Is a pilot required - see guidance notes

    The concept is centralised to a review of the existing practices of Fleet Management & Fuel Procurement and therefore a pilot is not applicable.

    Additionally: why is e.g. funding required

    The funding is applied for under a rationale of 'spend to save' principle. It will facilitate the staffing required to carry out the review and deliver a workable business plan to deliver a centralised unit from which the aforementioned benefits will be delivered across the participating agencies.

    Is this project complementary in any way to other EG work

    This project does not complement any other EG work.