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Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)1)40 Aberdeen Customer Relationship Management

DescriptionSTATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - The establishment of a contact centre to handle a range of communication channels with the development of local access points, allowing customers face-to-face access to the services of all partners.
Official Print Publication DateJanuary 2005
Website Publication DateFebruary 24, 2006


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    1.1 Stage 1 application - expression of interest

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    1.1.1 Part 1: Summary Table

    Bid number (for EG use)

    Lead bidder

    Aberdeenshire Council
    Charles Armstrong, Director of Finance
    Tel: 01224 665409
    E-Mail: charles.Armstrong@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

    Brief description of the aims of the project

    This element of the joint bid relates to the fourth and final step. It envisages:-

    1. The establishment of a contact centre to handle a range of communication channels.
    2. The development of local access points, allowing customers face-to-face access to the services of all partners.

    Clear description of what the EFG money would be used to buy

    EGF money would therefore be used to:

    • Fund a central contact centre (building and ICT infrastructure);
    • Develop a generic training programme for customer service advisers; and
    • Establish face-to-face contact points in local areas.

    Partners to the project likely to commit resources

    Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray councils and possibly Grampian Police

    Names of other organisations with whom the project has been discussed (to assist the introductions process)

    Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray councils and Grampian Police.

    Evidence that suggested approach has been deployed successfully elsewhere

    Shared CRM is common practice within in the UK, e.g. Cumbria County Council. Integration of CRM into a common ICT platform is a step further.

    Are there any restrictions to potential for enlargement of the project (i.e. technology, number of partners etc)

    The project could be scaled up to cover, e.g. the entire north of Scotland. Practical barriers to this might arise where other areas have independently developed their own integrated public sector CRM arrangements.

    Benefits projected from the project

    These shared service delivery models will enhance the citizen experience through the provision of high quality and effective service delivery.

    This will facilitate:

    • Improvements in all partners' service delivery;
    • Sharing of information amongst partners; and
    • Shared use of resources including technology, buildings and training.

    These benefits arise through the generation of opportunities to redeploy existing staff.

    Financial projections:





    Contact centre




    Face-to-face access points








    Overall project costs (CRM element)









    Not required

    Why is EG funding required

    Partners cannot find the funding required to create a joint contact centre and associated training, nor to develop a joined up network of face-to-face contact points across the whole NE Scotland

    Does this project complement in any way other EG work

    This element of the project will build on the work done by the three councils using MGF2/3 money to initiate local CRM projects. It will complement and be closely linked to process improvements being pursued by the partners, including Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen City Council's Continuous Improvement initiatives. It will develop the existing planned joint working and contribute towards joined-up, seamless and shared ways of working into the public sector in the North-East of Scotland.

    Is "stage 2 development funding" requested?