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WEPFR Partnership Group Meeting 10th May 2005

DescriptionMinutes of WEPFR Partnership Group Meeting 10 May 2005.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 30, 2005


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    Irene Beautyman, CEC
    Lex Harrison, CEC
    Malcolm Inkster, WLC
    Dave McCulloch, SEEL
    Keith Miller, CEC
    Alastair Short, WLC
    Suzanne Stephen, SE
    Ken Tippen, CEC
    Tom Williamson, SE

    1. Progress on Royal Highland Centre ( RHC) Relocation Site Search

    • The BAA masterplan is expected to be published on 19 th May.
    • The Executive have agreed to give Roger Tym and Partners at least 4 weeks notice before the steering group submit comments on the draft report to them. SS to confirm timetable for comments in due course.
    • Confidentiality agreements. WLC and CEC still to sign and return the confidentiality contracts - SS to forward another copy.
    • The group were updated on a site which has been promoted by a consultant.

    2. Progress on Strategic Environmental Assessment ( SEA)

    • The Executive are working up project briefs for two tenders.
    • The first tender will be for the collection of existing environmental information in West Edinburgh. The information will also be used by the SEPA and the Gogar Burn Catchment Partnership group.
    • The second tender will be for SEA of the West Edinburgh Planning Framework Review ( WEPFR). The group is invited to suggest possible contractors.
    • The group acknowledged that if the BAA masterplan has not been subject to environmental assessment, the WEPFRSEA may be required to assess the environmental impact of the airport expansion.
    • Financial contributions are invited from the group for the environmental work.

    3. Update on Structure Plan Modelling

    • Transport Model for Scotland ( TMfS) will be used. The first stage is to check the base data in the model. Thereafter, the model will be re-run.

    4. West Edinburgh Transport Modelling

    • Discussion on the transport modelling procurement process.

    5. Future Timetable

    • The future timetable for drafting the WEPFR is dependent on modelling and RHC work.
    • A draft by the end of the calendar year is perhaps not now feasible but the end of the financial year is more realistic at this stage.
    • CEC advised that they would prefer a draft before the end of the financial year due to the impact on local plan timetables.