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happy, safe and achieving their potential: a standard of support for children and young people in Scottish schools


happy, safe and achieving their potential
a standard of support for children and young people in Scottish schools
the report of The National Review of Guidance 2004

ministerial foreword

photo of Peter Peacock This report of the Reference Group conducting the National Review of Guidance comes at an exciting time in Scottish Education. Our agenda set out in Ambitious Excellent Schools describes a far reaching programme of reform. Our agenda, and this report, builds on the huge strengths we have in our schools in Scotland. It demonstrates that schools are accomplished in responding to the needs of pupils and describes many examples of their approaches. It sets a broad framework within which teachers and headteachers will continue to use their skills and professionalism to ensure that all children in Scotland have the support they need to become effective learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to their schools and communities. It is a tremendous responsibility, and achievement, to enable children and young people to be safe, happy, and achieve their potential.

Schools play a central role in the lives of most young people. But they do not do so in isolation from other influences on young people's lives. Schools work with other agencies, in health, social work, police and beyond, to give young people the support they need. That integration of services is vital if we are to meet the needs of young people. This review recognises the importance of working together with partners and building on the foundation of a positive school ethos, to create caring school communities in which children and young people are seamlessly supported.

I am happy to accept this report, and to encourage all education authorities, schools and partners to meet the challenge of delivering for pupils and parents the Standard of Personal Support.

Peter Peacock signature

Peter Peacock
Minister for Education and Young People